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2020 USCA Conference Online

Conference will look different than it has in the past, but it is going to be amazing! We are excited to announce that this year conference attendees will be treated to a year-long, all-access pass to incredible learning from a panel of experts in a variety of areas that are pertinent to the school counseling work you are facing this unique 2020-21 school year.


Each month you will be treated to an expert presentation that will focus on a variety of topics throughout the year. These experts will pre-record their session for you to view throughout the month and then all conference attendees will have access to a live Q&A with that expert at the end of the month (which will also be recorded). As a conference registrant you will have access to these recordings and Live Q&A's through the 2020-21 school year.

Pre-recorded Expert Sessions will be released on the first Friday of every month. 

The Live Q&A Session will be hosted by USCA on the last Friday of every month at 10am via Zoom. (*November and December will be hosted a week earlier.) The Zoom link will be sent to conference registrants so you can attend the Live event. Questions can be submitted ahead of time or asked at the time of the Q&A Event. (A link to send questions early will be provided in the email you receive at the beginning of the month in addition to being available on our website.)


As with other conferences there will be an opportunity to earn credit through Weber State or USBE. The details will be forthcoming, but we are excited to offer another unique opportunity to you. To earn credit, there will be no assignment requirement if you attend the monthly LIVE Q&A sessions. These sessions are meant to be a chance to reflect and dive deeper into the content for the month.


Members $150 (Full Year); $100 (Semester Only)

Students $100 (Full Year); $75 (Semester Only)

Non-Member $300 (Full Year); $150 (Semester Only)

UEA members and UASP members will be able to attend at the USCA membership price thanks to your association co-sponsorship! When selecting your registration type you will choose “USCA Sponsor Partner UEA & UASP) and the coupon code provided to your association in the registration form.


  • SEP 11 @ 10am-12pm (Ashley McGuire) - LIVE SESSION - “Community Building through Engagement & Play” 

  • SEP 25 @ 10am-12pm (Ashley McGuire) - LIVE SESSION - “Community Building with Online Restorative Circles”

  • OCT 30 @ 10am-12pm (Dr. Kristy Ludwig) - LIVE Q&A - “Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19 & Interventions that Work” Tentative

  • NOV 20 @ 10am-12pm (Dr. Carolyn Stone) - LIVE Q&A - “Mental Health Screeners, Utah FERPA, Guidance Notes, Systemic Racism & Ethical Practices in Virtual Counseling”

  • DEC 18 @ 10am-12pm(Christian Hill) - LIVE Q&A - “Behind the Scenes of Self-Harm”

  • JAN 29 @10am-12pm (Lyndsay Morris) - LIVE Q&A - “Generation Wellness” Tentative

  • FEB 26 @ 10am-12pm (Paul Gorski) - LIVE Q&A - “Equity Literacy” Tentative

  • MAR 26 @ 10am-12pm (Dr. Laura Richards) - “Coercive Control and Trauma Bonding”

  • APR 30 @ 10am-12pm (ROX) - LIVE Q&A - “Girl Power” Tentative

  • MAY 28 @ 10am-12pm ????

USBE Trauma Sensitive Schools Professional Development

Trauma-sensitive schools recognize that trauma affects students, families, communities, and schools. Many children experience trauma amidst ongoing exposure throughout their early development, such as abuse, neglect, homelessness, or violence. Although not all exposure to trauma leads to difficulty in functioning, research tells us that exposure to trauma and toxic stress can lead to difficulties with learning and behavior. Schools are uniquely positioned to prevent and mitigate the impacts of traumatic exposure on students. Promoting trauma-informed school practices has the greatest potential to positively impact student outcomes, regardless of trauma history. By becoming a trauma-sensitive school, schools can become a protective factor for students’ and increase their social, emotional, and academic skills, while safeguarding the well-being of school personnel who strive to meet the unique needs of all learners.

Through online coursework via Canvas, the Trauma-Sensitive Schools Professional Development follows a Trauma-Skilled Schools Model (National Dropout Prevention Center, 2018) and is delivered in the following three phases:

  • Phase 1: Trauma-Informed Learning Modules
  • Phase 2: Trauma-Responsive Learning Modules
  • Phase 3: Trauma-Sensitive Schools Implementation and Maintenance Learning Modules

Past events

  February 19, 2021  2021 Online Webinar: Transformative Vision for Educational Equity - Paul Gorski, PhD
 January 15, 2020  2020 Online Webinar and Discussion: Tips for Addressing School Psychologist Shortages - Gerald Trelease, PhD
 November 13, 2019  2019 Online Webinar: Joint Utah Coalition for School Based Specialists (UCSS) Panel Discussion
 October 25, 2019  2019 Fall Conference: Social Media and Mental Health: Living a Balanced and Happy Life - Sarah Coyne, PhD

 November 30, 2018

 2018 Fall Conference: Meeting Students' Academic, Behavioral, and Social Needs: Working in Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-Tiered (C13T) Models of Prevention - Kathleen Lynne Lane, PhD
 March 23, 2018
 2018 Spring Workshop: Social Justice in Utah Schools: Ethics, Planning, Doing - Reverend France Davis
 November 17, 2017
 2017 Fall Conference: Social Justice in Schools: Understanding Best Practice and Action - David Shriberg, PhD
 November 14, 2016
 2016 Fall Conference: Non-suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) and Suicidal Behavior: Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention - Melissa Reeves, PhD, NCSP, LPC
 April 29, 2016
 2016 Spring Workshop: Cultivating Empathy, Compassion, and Mindfulness in Schools and Ourselves - Christelle Estrada, PhD and Jason Tackett, BS
 November 13, 2015
 2015 Fall Conference: Helping Transgender and Gender Diverse Students Succeed at Home and at School - Todd A. Savage, PhD, NCSP
 May 15, 2015
 2015 Spring Workshop: Moving Beyond the Obvious: Ethical Guidelines in Tough Situations - Dr. Melissa Heath, PhD, NCSP
 November 13-14, 2014
 2014 Fall Conference: Executive Function Skills in Children and Adolescents: Assessment and Intervention - Sarah Ward, MS, CCC/SLP
 May 9, 2014
 2014 Spring Workshop: Ethical Challenges in the School Setting - Carol Lear, JD and Heidi Alder, JD
 November 14-15, 2013
 2013 Fall Conference: Improving School Climate and Student Behavior Through Positive Behavior Supports - Rob Horner, PhD
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