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Annual UASP Awards

Each year, the Utah Association of School Psychologists honors those who have made an outstanding contribution to the goals and standards of our profession though our annual awards program. UASP awards are presented at UASP's annual conference.

Please consider nominating a colleague (who is a current UASP member) for one of the following four awards.

Note: deadline for receipt of nominations is October 30th.


The purpose of the Lifetime Achievement Award is to identify and recognize an outstanding school psychologist who has had state level impact on the field of school psychology and who has dedicated his or her professional life to the development and betterment of school psychology.


The purpose of the School Psychologist of the Year Award is to identify and recognize an outstanding school psychologist and to promote public awareness of the profession.


The purpose of the Barbara Bennett Excellence in Diversity Award is to identify and recognize an outstanding school psychologist who has provided leadership and advocacy for the treatment of diverse populations with respect within the field of school psychology.


The purpose of the School Psychology Student of the Year Award is to identify and recognize an outstanding school psychology student and to promote public awareness of the profession.

Please consider nominating a fellow UASP member today!

Review the nomination criteria for each award here: (UASP Awards Summary)

Two additional awards are presented annually by the UASP Executive Board:


The purpose of the Distinguished Service Award is to identify and recognize a member of UASP who has given exceptional service to UASP and the profession of school psychology.


The purpose of the Outstanding Service to Children and Families Award is to identify and recognize an individual who is an outstanding advocate for children and their families.

To nominate a colleague, please download and complete the Nomination Form (UASP Awards Nomination Form) and send via US mail to:

UASP Awards Committee, 358 S. 700 East B-312, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Completed nominations are due October 30th

Award recipients will be announced at UASP's annual conference

2017-18 UASP Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award

Brent Coffman

Brent has worked for Nebo school district since 1994. He has served at both the school and district levels, and is a respected leader and trusted resource for all in his district. Brent has a depth of clinical mental health training and a remarkable understanding of ethics and special education law which inform his practice. He supports the school psychologists in his district by approaching concerns with openness and reflection, and his calm demeanor facilitates effective solutions. He also has been a well-respected and much needed contributor to the school psychology program at BYU. 

Brent is also a passionate advocate for the profession of school psychology. He has been an active voice in our state’s dialogue about recruitment and retention of school psychologists. He understands the nuances and the critical need to address school psychologist shortages in Utah at the policy level.

School Psychologist of the Year

Olin Levitt

Olin (Oli) is a loved and valued school psychologist in Jordan school district. It is said that, “every student on campus knows Dr. Levitt. They know that if they are with him in his ‘Green Room,’ everything is going to be okay.” In a middle school setting, this is a remarkable achievement.

Oli has worked tirelessly to implement evidence-based mindfulness practices school-wide to support the social and emotional development of middle school students. He leads groups for “calming the storm” (anger management) and “riding the wave” (a group for anxiety). Every day during morning announcements he teaches students about how the brain works along with mindfulness strategies for coping with stress and their emotions.

He gives his time to work with groups of teachers after school to teach them how to understand the social and emotional needs of their students during this critical developmental period, but also how they can help their students and themselves through mindfulness practices. Teachers are known to stop their classes and tell the students that they need to have a “Dr. Levitt moment.”  He even teaches yoga classes during the school’s FLEX time.

School Psychology Student of the Year

Jamie Uncapher

Jamie is a University of Utah graduate student currently completing her internship in Canyon’s school district at Silver Mesa Elementary School. She joined both NASP and UASP as soon as she entered the Specialist program at the University of Utah, and currently serves as a student member of the UASP board, serving on the conference committee.

The faculty at the University of Utah say she is an excellent graduate student. Not only is she hard working and conscientious, she has volunteered in many capacities, and is passionate about ensuring that all children have access to equal educational opportunities and achieve their goals. Jamie is very excited about her career as a school psychologist!

Barbara Bennett Excellence in Diversity

Dawn Sheen

Dawn is admired and valued by her colleagues in Davis School District, but specifically she has been a leader in Davis for students who are English Learners. She was instrumental in forming Davis district’s SPELL committee, which stands for Special Education for English Learners. This committee works to assure non-biased identification procedures and assessments for students of English Learners who are being considered for special education.

Dawn has been a leader and support to other educators in distinguishing the difference between “difference” and disability. Dawn herself is multi-lingual, and has a deep understanding of Latino culture. She possesses a unique ability to acknowledge and value students’ cultural and linguistic diversity as a strength and is an outstanding advocate for students with diverse backgrounds.


Outstanding Service to Children

Dr. James S. Kahn (1955-2014)

Dr. Kahn was awarded the Outstanding Service to Children and Families posthumously. He worked at the Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) for 27 years, serving as Director of Psychology for 17 of those years. At UNI, Jimmy was a compassionate, skilled therapist to countless children and adolescents and their families, and was instrumental in building the Teen Mother and Child Program in the early 80s. He also was known as a great teacher, supervisor, and colleague to those he worked with. In addition to providing support and therapy to thousands of Utah's youth, Jimmy was also well known for his love of the outdoors, including his passion for skiing in the Wasatch mountains. His legacy will continue to be reflected in all of the families he helped during his professional career.

Distinguished Service to UASP

Rob Richardson

Rob is a valued and highly depended-upon member of the UASP Board. He has served two terms as president of UASP, and presently is the Chair of the Conference Committee. He holds a wealth of institutional knowledge about the operations of UASP, and many Board members would be quite lost without his help. He serves UASP quietly without asking for recognition for the great amount of work he does. Rob can always be depended on to foresee and pick up the loose ends when it comes to conference planning and many other things. At Board meetings, Rob provides a wise and reflective point of view to board decisions.

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