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Mission Statement

The Utah Association of School Psychologists (UASP) empowers Utah school psychologists by:

  • Advancing effective practices, research, and policy development to improve students’ learning, behavior, and mental health 
  • Advocating for the profession of school psychology and the rights and welfare of children and youth

Critical Shortage of School Psychologists in Utah

As of the 2021 school year, there was only one school psychologist for every 2,300 students. This is nearly half the number of school psychologists than the national average (1:1,381), and over three times the recommendation for appropriate student support. The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) recommended ratio of school psychologists to students is 1:500-700. Utah would need to obtain approximately seven hundred and sixty more school psychologists to reach the top of the recommended threshold of 1:700 student ratio.

Read more about why it is essential that we improve student access to school employed mental health providers in our Shortages Call to Action document.

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Upcoming Events

No current upcoming events.

2022 Utah Public Policy Institute

Thanks to all who participated in the first UASP Public Policy Institute with specialists from the Utah Education Association and UASP's Legislative Committee! Check out the recorded training on our Members Resources page. Take advantage of this free opportunity to learn how you can better support more of Utah's students through advocacy efforts at the state and local levels!


School Psychologists in the News!

Membership: The new membership year began on October 1, 2021. Be sure to take a moment to renew your membership and encourage your colleagues to join UASP! Our voice is louder when we all join together!

Here are a few things UASP has done recently to promote the field, support school psychologists, and increase student success:

  • Published newspaper articles and appeared on podcasts and TV to promote school psychologists and student mental health
  • Provided instructions and incentives for school psychs to advocate on a national and state level as part of NASP's Advocacy Action Day
  • Sent letters and emails to state and local school boards to encourage recognition of school psychologists during National School Psychology Week
  • Hosted virtual lunch bunch and mocktail/cocktail get-togethers for UASP members
  • Contacted businesses throughout the state to secure discounts and freebies for hard-working school psychologists


If you are a school psychologist facing an ethical dilemma and would like support and collaboration, feel free to contact us with your concern!

Become a UASP member

As a member, you will:

  • Support better student outcomes by advocating for improved social/emotional, mental health, and academic interventions through collaborative interactions with the state legislature, the Utah State Office of Education, and other professional organizations
  • Join fellow school psychologists across Utah in a statewide network to exchange ideas, share concerns, and collaborate on solutions - see our Member Resources page for handouts, briefs, and online learning opportunities
  • Apply for member-only grants to purchase curricula, materials, or for other purchases to support students
  • Qualify for reduced rates at UASP sponsored workshops and UASP's annual professional development conference featuring nationally recognized speakers
  • Receive UASP's newsletter, the Observer and stay current on school psychology related news in Utah
  • Participate in public relations

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UASP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

If you would like to survey UASP members or request their participation in your research, please complete this form. A Google, Gmail, or G Suite account is required.
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Feel free to contact us with any questions!
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