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2019 Utah State Legislative Summary from UEA

21 Mar 2019 1:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Our friends at the UEA provided us and their members with a summary of bills relevant to educators and students in Utah:



Result (Yea-Nay)

HB71: Health Education Amendments
(R. Ward)

Clarifies instruction in health education classes regarding contraception.

Passed the House 72-0
and the Senate 27-0

HB118: Incentives for Statewide Assessment Performance (M. Winder)

Allows teachers to use statewide standardized tests to improve a student’s academic grade.

Passed the House 58-14
and the Senate 

HB120: Student and School Safety Assessment
(R. Ward)

Directs USBE to develop model policies and procedures for threat assessment and creates a ‘school safety center’ to coordinate training.

Passed the House 45-27
and the Senate 28-0

HB130: Public Education Exit Survey
(C. Moss)

Directs the Utah State Board of Education to create standards for an educator “exit survey” when a teacher leaves employment.

Passed the House 48-24and the Senate 24-3

HB133: Initiative Amendments

(B. Daw)

Delays the implementation of successful ballot initiatives by one year to give the legislature time to consider and make changes.

Passed the House 50-20and the Senate 22-5

HB168: School Bus Safety Requirements

(C. Hall)

Requires new school buses to have three-point seat belts after 2020.

Failed in the House 23-50

HB188: T.H. Bell Program Amendments

(L. Snow)

Changes the T.H. Bell Program for education students from a loan forgiveness program to a scholarship program.

Passed the House 72-0 and the Senate 22-4

HB198: Education Accountability Amendments

(M. Poulson)

Removes the requirement for the State Board of Education to use a single letter grade when assigning a school an overall rating.

Passed the House 68-2 but not heard in the Senate

HB236: Teacher Salary Supplement Amendments

(K. Christofferson)

Allows teachers who have taught 10 years in an approved subject to receive a salary supplement.

Passed the House 67-0 and the Senate 23-0

HB250: School Fee Revisions

(K. Lisonbee)

Requires the State Board of Education to report recommendations on activity-based fees.

Passed the House 66-0

and the Senate 25-0

HB273: School Fees Modifications

(A. Robertson)

Would prohibit the charging of curricular fees in schools. Did not include funding to offset fund losses to school districts.

Held in House committee

HB373: Student Support Amendments

(S. Eliason)

Provides matching grant funds to hire school counselors, psychologists, social workers and nurses.

Passed the House 62-6 and the Senate 27-0

HB441: Tax Equalization and Reduction Act

(T. Quinn)

Lowers the state sales tax rate and adds new taxes on services, reduces the income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.75%.

Passed House committee but not heard in the House

HB495: Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force

(M. Schultz)

Creates a task force to make recommendations for addressing revenue structural imbalances and to solicit public feedback and involvement.

Passed the Senate 

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